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Training like a professional runner – 10 tips for runners which are not always seriously but maybe funny

10 tips for runners

10 tips for runners which are not always seriously but maybe funny


1. Why should shave your legs?

There are two reasons. First, there is an optical component and second it is aerodynamics. Okay, it is NOT aerodynamics. But it looks cool. Every triathlete has shaved legs and it looks professional. Why not also as a runner? So do sugar waxing, even if your are a man!

2. Get the right outfit!

Nothing is better for motivation, as the right outfit. Invest a little in some running shorts, socks and shorts. It should be technical fabric, so the moisture can rise to the surface and you won´t get wet on your body.

3. Pick a goal

It can be a race like a marathon or halfmarathon. It establishes your targeted distance and defines your training. The date of the race is a deadline and helps you to provide motivation and commitment.

4. Do some interval training

It is a series mixed of low- and high-intensity training and improves your aerobic capacity. After that you can run a more intensive level. For example: 1min fast and 2min slow. The slower running is for recovery and the fast period should be a little bit under the maximum. Short intervall improves your running technique.

5. Eat what you want

But try not to exaggerate and do think of what you eat. Mindful eating is the keyword. Eating with intention and attention. Eating healthy will make you feel better and repair your body after hard workouts.

6. Strength training for runners

This helps you to get more stability and core control. Your running performance will get better by that. It helps you to prevent injury and more muscle recrutiment. The target is not to look like a bodybuilder which can not run very fast and even less run longer.

7. Running on rainy days

Why you don´t want to run on a rainy day? Isn´t it funny to get wet and dirty? With the right equipment it is no problem. There are no excuses, never! There are even crazy runners, which are having fun to do a dirt run competition!

8. Running ABC is your last chance

Okay, you feel like you aren´t born to run? Maybe this will help you. Running ABC drills like „high knee skips“, „butt kickers“, „ankle drill“, „skippings“, „high knee running“ can work miracles.

9. Are women the better runners

Women have up to 15 percent smaller relative heart volume. But women have a better educated fat metabolism. So on long journeys the time difference between men and women is the smallest. But one is for sure. Women have more fun while running.

10. Make friends and join a running group

Running with friends or in a group can help you to make YOUR sport to be a „social event“. It supports your lifestyle and keeps you motivated. And it is a good opportunity to show your new running outfit and your shaved legs to the world!



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